La petite mort
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The next scene (with an abrupt cut to the shot) jolts the audience - it is an excerpt from a projected horror film at a drive-in movie theatre, attended by the Hazes and Humbert (in their own fairy-tale world and sitting from left to right: young princess Lolita, the hero Humbert, and the monstrous Charlotte). A ghoulish figure in the supernatural horror film [Hammer Films’ The Curse of Frankenstein (1957)] approaches menacingly - a symbol of Humbert’s own lust. A shorthand montage of images and scenes visually provide a metaphor of Humbert’s growing obsession for the young girl:

In the front seat of the Haze vehicle, Humbert is seated in the front centered between Charlotte (in the symbolic driver’s seat) and Lolita - all eyes are absorbed by the action on the screen. Frightened, both women grab toward Humbert’s hands that rest atop his knees. He frees his left hand (from Charlotte’s grasp), scratches his nose, and furtively slips his left hand on top of Lolita’s left hand on his right knee to comfort and protect her from the evil. After another scream from the film, Lolita tops his hand with her right hand. Mrs. Haze, not wanting to be left out, and not wanting to be outdone, tops the entire pyramid of hands.

Lolita (1962) dir: Stanley Kubrick

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Contemplating deleting my tumblr.

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An engraving of Marie Antoinette, circa 1789-1790; published with her new title, 'Queen of the French,' and accompanying prose:

Ô vous en qui le Ciel mit l’espoir de la France
Embellissez les jours d’un Monarque adoré !
Vos charmes, parmi nous assurant sa présence,
Fixeront un bonheur si longtemps désiré.

[image: French Revolution Digital Archive]

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NOVA // Lovelife

SOUND DESCRIPTION: Heartsick Pop, Electronic Gospel

SOUNDS LIKE: The Neighbourhood, Olivver


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[insert nightly venting about mosquitoes]

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Caterpillar life

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Brigitte Bardot, c.1965

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"We had big crushes on each other. You know, we kissed. We went out for awhile after the film was over. But it really didn’t work out. But it was like we loved each other."
                   — Olivia Hussey

"It is very strange, because we have never spoken to western journalists about the truth. We madly liked one another, or, at least, I was madly in love with her. But our paths in life have not coincided, unfortunately. No one understands it, but it was the truth. I liked her very much."
                   — Leonard Whiting

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